Tax Receiver

image Property tax bills are mailed the last week of December. Payments in February have a 1% penalty. Payments in March have a 2% penalty plus a $2 reminder fee. Personal checks will not be accepted after March 10th. make payments with certified checks, bank checks or money orders. Postmarks are accepted in January and February. March payments must be received by the 31st. Tax rolls are returned to the Commissioner of Finance on April 1st.

Failure to receive a notice does NOT relieve the property owner of the responsibility of paying the bill before the due date.

Pay online at: Town of Goshen On-line Payments (fees apply):
Credit Card- 2.45% fee; Visa Debit Card- $3.95 flat fee; E-check - $1.75 flat fee.

All payments must be mailed to:
M&T Lockbox
P.O. Box 247
Buffalo, NY 14240

Questions: Call (845) 294-6996 x1240, Hours: M, W, F 10am-2pm

2022 Town & County Tax Bills. bills may be viewed here.

Please submit all requests for tax info by fax or go to the county web site or

Judith Andrews
Tax Receiver