Water District News

State and local health departments require periodic sample lead & copper testing of all public water supplies. If you are interested in volunteering a test sample from your home, please call 294-6193

The following links are for the water quality survey's in each district.

 Hambletonian Park Water Quality Survey - 2016 Arcadia Hills Water Quality Survey - 2016
Scotchtown Park Water Quality Survey - 2016 Stonehedge Water Quality Survey - 2016

Town of Goshen Water/Sewer Information

Unpaid Water/Sewer Bill Tax Levy

Since its inception in 1985, The Groundwater Foundation has offered a variety of programs and projects for youth, individuals, and communities to learn more about groundwater and how they can help protect it.

Everyone benefits from a sustainable supply of clean groundwater. Whether it is the source of your drinking water or the water used to grow the food on your table, groundwater is vital to life. As such, every person plays a role in protecting and conserving groundwater. The Groundwater Foundation provides motivational and inspirational education and community-based action programs that creatively involve individuals, communities, public and private entities in groundwater conservation and protection.